Thatchers Gin


Cook Chick


Thatchers Cider


Fasson® Cherry Wood


UK, Europe

Thatchers Orchard Cut Apple Gin is a first for award-winning British cider maker, English Spirit Distillery. It’s also the first spirit brand to feature a full 360 degree wrap, real-wood label.

Creative Director of Cook Chick, Lee Cook says the team felt the unique spirit deserved a unique approach to storytelling. He comments:

"The solution was found at the source of everything Thatchers does—their stunning Somerset Orchards. Thatchers “Orchard Cut” Apple Gin is effectively a cut of this orchard. Using Fasson Cherry Wood, a material made of real wood, the label appears as a cut from the front but then fully wraps the bottle in 3D. The first batch of the limited edition apple gin, distilled with Katy (variety of) apples, is individually numbered."

A handcrafted label application for a handcrafted gin.
Tapping into an ever-growing trend for craft gins and flavor variants, Thatchers Orchard Cut Apple Gin is distilled using a selection of botanicals to give it a distinct flavour. The natural look of the wood label material is reminiscent of the orchards from which the Katy apples are carefully harvested. While the gin demonstrates the brilliance and versatility of apples, the label gives the buyer a real orchard experience—one in which they know before they remove the lid, there’s something truly special inside the bottle.