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When you approach a design brief from the mindset of a storyteller and you let the material do the talking, the result is bound to be distinctive. Award-winning Designer Adam Neff met the creative brief with an imaginary brand—Three Piece Suit.

In discussing his approach to the design brief, Adam described his thinking:

“The label material itself inspired me greatly. It didn’t take my mind long to wander into a poorly lit pub or home office where distinguished gentlemen in suits are catching up over a glass of gin. This scene led me to draw some parallels between the craft of distilling spirits and that of creating custom tailored suits—dedication, practice, and attention to detail. The result is a brand that not only fit the label material and product, but also was unique to the industry.”

To create a design that conveyed the craftsmanship, quality, and care with which a craft gin might be made, Adam used an Avery Dennison Engineered Solution.

The brief was simple: Create something inspiring. Adam says he imagined a new distillery looking to stand out on the shelf and break into the industry in a big way. The engineered solution—a fabric facestock material—lent itself to a label design and branding that is completely unique. The Three Piece Suit design feels both contemporary and traditional in its attention to detail.

To learn more about the cloth facestock in Three Piece Suit or see how Avery Dennison can help source a unique material for your project, check out Avery Dennison Engineered Solutions.