Timbrus De Autor


Vox Design


Timbrus Estate Winery


Fasson® Fibers Look FSC


Moldova, Europe

In Moldova, world-renowned oenologist Manuel Ortiz signs his name on a bottle of Timbrus de Autor, a flagship wine created annually by Timbrus Estate Winery. The label acts as a canvas, reflecting the deep pride and honor of cultural tradition within.

Creative Director of Vox Design, Sergei Digol comments:

“A natural look was essential for this wine, and we chose Fasson Fibers Look because it gave us the authentic natural texture that could reflect brand values properly. This paper’s texture stood as a symbol for the work of Manuel Ortiz very successfully, placing an emphasis on individuality. We were also able to use premium printing technologies, so that the quality and price category of the product were made clear to consumers.”

The richness of Moldovan culture shines against the backdrop of a fibrous label.
The label material for the 2017 Timbrus de Autor serves as a stage for a minimalist design. With so many necessary elements including logo, wine name, characteristics, vintage, year, and a promotional phrase from Manuel Ortiz, the design team required a label material that could express the unique brand positioning of the wine without detracting from the message of quality and exclusivity.