Vinarstvi Turold


Ondřej Prusák




Turold is a Chardonnay from the Czech Republic that is as eye-catching as it is delicious. Created as a physical representation of the Vinařství Turold brand, the Turold label printed by Etiflex, s.r.o. uses a crisp black and white color palette to demand attention.

“The goal of the project was to fit the figure and character of the wolf into the packaging design so that the connection between the winemaker and the Turold brand is visible, while the illustration of the wolf does not dominate the brand itself and vice versa,” says designer Ondřej Prusák.

To create the powerful Turold label design, printer Etiflex, s.r.o. chose Fasson Cotton Touch FSC.

“The label design primarily aims to raise awareness of the Turold brand, to provide the brand with the elegance and fresh energy it needs. The illustration of the wolf was created using a charcoal technique on highly structured material. In the printing, the illustration was applied in combination with the embellishment: the drawn wolf expression was pulled through the illustration and the partial varnish over the logotype typography. The label design was also complemented by spreading logotype elements along with the open source typography rate,” says Etiflex owner Bronislav Hotař.

With the Turold label, Etiflex won the Packaging of the Year 2019 CZ/SK competition in the Label category.