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Neuromarketing report reveals data insights for better design

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A well-designed wine label can transport a consumer from an artificially lit store aisle to a sun-filled vineyard on the Pacific Coast of Chile. But according to research conducted by neuromarketing organization Mind Insights, designers and consumers may have different ideas about good design. 

In an effort to boost sales of their Wave Series the winery Santa Rita Estates, also known as the Claro Wine Group, elected to redesign the label. While the design team felt strongly the new design’s easy-to-read typeface, bold color palette, and glossy facestock material would win over consumers, they wanted to be sure the brand refresh was worth the investment.

To uncover consumers’ genuine reactions toward the new label, Santa Rita partnered with Avery Dennison and Mind Insights. Mind Insights studied consumer responses to the new design versus the original one, as well as their reactions to four different Avery Dennison label materials.

The study asked three basic questions:

1—What emotional impacts were automatically generated by the labels?

2—To what extent did the labels automatically convey fundamental value propositions?

3—To what extent did the labels attract consumers’ attention?

The findings came as a bit of a surprise to the wine label designers. Learn more in the full report.



About the study

To learn more about Mind Insights and the collaboration with Avery Dennison and Santa Rita, check out the first article in our neuromarketing series: Neuromarketing reveals powerful insights for label designers.

Founded in 1880, Santa Rita is a Chilean vineyard and winery marketing products in over 75 countries. With a strong focus in the premium and superfine segment, the company is positioned as a leading producer and exporter of quality premium and superior quality wines.

Mind Insights is a neuromarketing organization spearheaded by Dr. Gordy Pleyers and Dr. Nicholas Vermeulen, professors of marketing and neuroscience at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in Belgium. Based on a unique combination of scientific resources, this organization offers the most advanced and reliable solutions to understand and influence consumers’ perceptions and behaviors.