Wine and spirits innovation series: Spain

19th October 2018
9pm - 4:30pm
Cádiz, Spain

Wine and spirits makers learn to brand their differences and differentiate their brand in the splendor of Spanish wine country

There are few finer places to be on a glorious Thursday in October than a winery in the south of Spain. That’s where more than 80 wine and spirits marketers from across Europe came together for our second Wine and Spirits Innovation Day. Co-sponsored by our partners Estal, Comercial Arqué and Intercap, and held in the Bodega La Constancia on the historic González Byass estate, the event gave attendees the opportunity to hear from influential experts in branding and graphic design, share ideas with their peers, and see some of the latest innovations in packaging.

Based on the theme, 'Brand your difference and differentiate your brand', the day touched on many aspects of creative wine and spirits branding, from storytelling to putting the final finish on labels. Presenters spoke about the role of sound in branding, the luxury look and feel provided by hot-stamping on labels and sustainable options for bottle closures, among other topics. Guests also browsed a kaleidoscopic array of bottles and labels illustrating the vivid and compelling design made possible by contemporary packaging materials and techniques.

Earlier this year we held a Wine and Spirits Innovation Day near Verona, Italy; read all about it here. To see highlights from our great day in Jerez (and to make yourself a bit thirsty), have a look at the video.