Empowering Brands in Europe: Avery Dennison's New Sustainable and Customizable Labeling Solutions

Empowering Brands in Europe: Avery Dennison's New Sustainable and Customizable Labeling Solutions 


Beauty line:  Fasson® rPaper Black FSC®
Gourmet food line (creams):  Fasson® rMartelé Black FSC®
Gourmet food line (EVOO and vinegar pearls): Fasson® Hemp 50% FSC®
Home fragrances: Fasson® rMartelé Blanc FSC®
Bottles and closures: Estal 
Images: Tricycle Studio

As brands, converters, and designers, it can often be challenging to navigate the complex labeling market. It's our goal to simplify this process for you without merely offering you a handful of solutions that may not meet all your requirements. “By listening to our customers, we've created solutions for the European market that not only help brands in their efforts to be more sustainable but also empower them with options that are flexible and tailored to their specific needs”, explains Vladimir Tyulpin, Market Segment Leader for Premium Packaging Solutions, EMENA, at Avery Dennison. We're proud to share our new Sustainable Advantage portfolio extensions below and share more about two services that will be particularly valuable to those who appreciate low minimum order quantities, rapid service, and competitive pricing.

Our Sustainable ADvantage portfolio extension

The market demand for sustainability and premiumization is skyrocketing, with consumers increasingly seeking eco-friendly and high-quality products. According to recent research, 82% of respondents would be willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. 

“We recognize the significance of this trend and are fully committed to meeting these evolving needs through our Sustainable ADvantage portfolio extension”, adds Luuk Zonneveld, Product Manager for Premium Solutions, Europe, at Avery Dennison. With a wide selection of recycled facestock, rPLUS (an established and proven technology designed to solve ice bucket challenges for white and sparkling wines), and rPET liner construction, along with a liner recycling program and the use of the Avery Dennison Carbon Footprinting Tool, we empower businesses to make informed decisions and accurately measure the impact of our products.

Empowering Brands in Europe: Avery Dennison's New Sustainable and Customizable Labeling Solutions
Empowering Brands in Europe: Avery Dennison's New Sustainable and Customizable Labeling Solutions

Let's explore each paper's unique features and benefits in our new range. First, we have Fasson® rPaper Black FSC® 100% recycled (50%PCW and 50% PIW), a black, core tinted, uncoated paper designed to provide a visually striking label for various applications. Its black color ensures a seamless and premium look, avoiding white edges or revealing whiteness from the back of wine bottles. This paper eliminates bleeding problems in ice buckets and offers excellent printability and embellishment compatibility. Next, we have Fasson® rMartelé Black FSC® 100% recycled (50%PCW and 50% PIW), an uncoated, matte paper with a distinctive "hammered" tactile embossed finish. It matches our current portfolio's non-recycled Martelé Black, allowing for seamless integration into existing labeling solutions. Similar to the rPaper Black, this paper also eliminates the problem of black ink bleeding in ice buckets and, being pulp-colored, ensures a sophisticated and clean appearance by avoiding the unpleasant issue of the label's white edge and backside.

Moving on, we have Fasson® rMartelé Blanc FSC® 100% recycled (50%PCW and 50% PIW), also an uncoated, matte paper with the same "hammered" tactile embossed finish as rMartelé Black. This specific product will be available later this year and it matches the non-recycled Martele Blanc in our current portfolio, allowing for effortless integration for existing lines of wine and other high-end products. Additionally, it offers excellent printability with all the standard print methods and embellishing techniques. Lastly, our Fasson® Hemp 50% FSC® paper provides a natural and bulky touch and feel with its white uncoated, matte surface—perfect for premium organic products. It offers a sustainable alternative to traditional wood pulp-only based papers and utilizes 50% hemp fibers that are sourced regionally from France and Germany and can be harvested up to 7 times annually. Its high-grammage facestock also makes it ideal for labels that feature embossed or debossed details. 

“By incorporating these sustainable options, our Sustainable Advantage portfolio extension helps brands reduce their environmental footprint and move towards a more sustainable and circular economy”, says Vladimir. These solutions are particularly beneficial for industries such as wine, spirits, craft beverages, gourmet food, beauty, and fragrances, where brand differentiation and sustainability are paramount.

Empowering Brands in Europe: Avery Dennison's New Sustainable and Customizable Labeling Solutions

Customized flexibility: Our EXACT service and Mix & Match portfolio

We recognize the importance of providing flexibility and variety to our customers when it comes to labeling solutions. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and different businesses and products require specific options and quantities. That's why we offer two distinct services: the EXACT Service and the Mix & Match Portfolio. 

The EXACT service allows label manufacturers to optimize print substrate usage and achieve precise measurements, empowering them to order labeling materials in the exact roll widths they need, starting from a minimum of 100 mm at a predefined length. This level of customization is particularly beneficial for smaller projects that require precise measurements. Some materials included in this service form our sustainability portfolio, for example, are the Fasson® Cotton White ,Fasson® Cane Fiber Paper White and Fasson® rSable Blanc FSC® materials. “By minimizing waste and ensuring a perfect fit for their applications, businesses can ultimately streamline their process and minimize environmental impact”, explains Luuk.

Additionally, the EXACT service provides higher flexibility in material selection and testing, allowing you to efficiently explore different options without committing to large quantities—particularly useful for converters who need to print for small-scale projects such as super-premium products or limited-edition ranges. As if that wasn’t enough, we always ensure speedy lead times of just one business day, meaning that converters can receive their label materials promptly, enabling them to meet tight deadlines and quickly adapt to changing market demands. 

“In cases where the EXACT service is not available for certain materials, our Ready Width service is a viable alternative. Small rolls with predefined widths can be ordered,  allowing you to use a wide variety of materials for small projects”, adds Vladimir”.


Empowering Brands in Europe: Avery Dennison's New Sustainable and Customizable Labeling Solutions

On the other hand, our Mix & Match portfolio offers an extensive range of customizable label constructions that address unique application and performance needs. This lets brands choose from various foils, metalized films, papers, and more, combined with our best-performing adhesives and liners. It combines low minimum order quantities, rapid service, and competitive pricing with Avery Dennison's quality, service, and expertise to provide a customized label solution. No matter what your requirements are, we can find a solution and construction that meets your needs.

“The possibilities are truly endless”, explains Luuk. “Take, for example, the Fasson® rNoble Blanc FSC® label, which can be paired with our PLUS technology to withstand temperature fluctuations. This combination is perfect for labeling white wines that will be exposed to fridges or ice buckets or even cosmetic products that face bathroom humidity”. But that's just the beginning. You can also choose from different adhesives, such as acrylic or hotmelt with lower or higher initial tack, depending on whether you need temporary removal and re-application. And don't forget about the liner, where you can opt for glassine or PET/rPET, aligning with our liner recycling program, AD Circular. 

Ultimately, there are countless design options available for businesses based on their specific needs. With a low minimum order quantity of only 1000 m², brands of various sizes can access high-quality and customized label solutions without requiring significant volume commitments. Additionally, we understand the importance of timely fulfillment and ensure that labels are shipped within a maximum of seven business days.


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