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The Graduate Collection

Sustainable labels with premium textures from Avery Dennison and Gmund. 

The Graduate Collection


Few things are more inspiring than a fresh page of a new chapter of life. The recently launched Graduate Collection embraces that anticipation of adventure and exploration, with three uniquely textured papers that enrich creative label design for wine and spirits. 

A herringbone pattern like the brick streets of a tucked away city; a rippled texture inspired by the movement of a river; a canvas-like embossing straight from the shelf of a vintage bookshop; The Graduate Collection gives brands the ability to tell a story you can feel.

The Graduate Collection

Created in partnership with Avery Dennison and Gmund, the paper mill renowned for premium embossing, this new collection of highly decorative papers offers distinctive labelling solutions for bold wine and spirit brands. 

This new collection of uncoated, wood-free papers reflect a growing market demand for premium materials that provide a canvas for imaginative designs. “The Graduate Collection has an excellent print quality that enables brands to create eye-catching details with hot foil, screen printing, debossing, and embossing.” says Monda van Eijl, Senior Product Manager Wine & Spirits at Avery Dennison, “This is combined with a whiteness level that gives designers free reign with their creativity.” 

Made of 50% post-consumer waste, the Graduate Collection has been designed to not only be beautiful, but also sustainable. The materials follow the four pillars of the Gmund Environmental Charter: recycled water is reused up to 7 times in the manufacturing process; raw materials are FSC® certified; production waste is separated and recycled; up to 75% of energy is produced without  CO2 emissions through natural resources such as energy recovery and reuse throughout the paper mill process. 

The Graduate Collection labels are a sustainable, tangible solution for wineries and distilleries with a story ready to jump off the bottle.


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