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Premium Labeling Materials Swatchbook 2022

Sophistication meets sustainability and innovation in the newest European edition of our Premium Labeling Materials swatchbook

Luxury brands are under increasing pressure to deliver unparalleled quality, unique and beautiful packaging, and engaging storytelling, plus unprecedented levels of performance, sustainability, and transparency. They need materials that meet these exacting standards and partners who will work with them to deliver excellence at every step in the product development journey. 

We’ve developed a new edition of our Premium Labeling Materials swatchbook to bring the look and feel of our ever-expanding range of premium labeling solutions to life. In doing so, we help brands and designers envision how a thoughtfully created label can enable brands to stand out on the shelf, tell their story, connect with consumers, and make an unforgettable first impression.

The latest version of the swatchbook has a few new tricks up its sleeve. For example, it has a vibrant new look and has expanded in scope to address applications ranging from wine, spirits, and craft beverages to gourmet food and beauty. And for the first time, converters can order multiple swatchbooks, to make sure all their sales people have this essential tool on hand. 

Sustainable solutions that help you reduce your environmental impact

Here at Avery Dennison, we’re committed to developing sustainable solutions that help brands reduce their footprint, source responsibly, enable recyclability, and satisfy demand for sustainable packaging. To reflect this, our Premium Labeling Materials swatchbook includes examples from Avery Dennison’s Sustainable ADvantage portfolio, such as facestock made from recycled content. You can also learn about joining AD Circular, a program aimed at helping brands recycle their used label liners.

Protect your packaging - and your brand - with our latest innovations

To create value and improve label performance, we’re constantly innovating. The new swatchbook addresses how the luxury market can leverage the benefits of intelligent labels, based on NFC technology, which help brands prove the authenticity of products, protect their reputation, and engage with increasingly selective consumers. As usual, it features almost 100 high-performing solutions that ensure that labels are long-lasting, withstand temperature extremes, and perfectly adhere in humid and wet environments like the bathroom, the cellar, the refrigerator, and even the ice bucket. 

Materials that help your product stand out on the shelf

The swatchbook includes samples in a wide variety of materials and textures for all types of applications and printing techniques. Our facestocks serve as a blank canvas for award-winning label designs, and can help brands create captivating, sophisticated labels that don’t look (or feel) like anything else on the shelf, offer new functionalities, and reflect a brand’s values.

See it for yourself

To get started with finding the perfect solution for your application, be it wine, spirit, craft beverage, gourmet food, beauty, or another luxury product, we invite you to request a swatchbook via the link below.