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La Suite Atelier


Avery Dennison


Fasson® Aqua Proof Silver


Europe, France

Anthropology is a featured design in the Avery Dennison Premium Collection inspiration envelope. Created by La Suite Atelier, Anthropology leverages the iridescence of the Fasson Aqua Proof Silver to bring the design to life.

La Suite Atelier comments on the Anthropology design: “Fasson Aqua Proof Silver combines strength and elegance, mineral and liquid—and is used here to conjure up the shimmering of a fish.”

Our M_usings
In this label showcasing Fasson Aqua Proof Silver, the layout and handling of typography is suitably elegant. A traditionally styled illustration depicts a fish which, on closer look, is spliced from four discernible species. The tail and middle are fish-like while the neck is mysterious and the head is that of a rhinoceros. This shape-shifting lends the label a sense of mythology made more curious yet by the suggestive title “anthropology.”

Fish are rarely static. In reality of course, they sleep, but the image appearing in the mind’s eye is most certainly in motion—which makes them an ideal subject for this material. The fixed image inherently proposes movement and activates the iridescent quality of the paper.

Printing Techniques
Offset printing, ITW 268, ITW 900, embossing