Argile Royale


La Suite Atelier


Avery Dennison


Fasson® Cotton Extra White


Europe, France

Argile Royale is a featured design in the Avery Dennison Premium Collection inspiration envelope. Created by La Suite Atelier, Argile Royale offers a beautifully traditional and regal design on the canvas of Fasson Cotton Extra White.

La Suite Atelier comments on the Argile Royale design:
“Ideal for three-dimensional work, with embossing and highlighting. Bending elegantly to your will, with grace and good humour, and a regal sense conveyed by natural cotton.”

Our M_usings
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this label design is that its print finishes provide two spatially determined readings. From a distance we see a precisely printed woodblock illustration nestled within a crest and balanced atop a gold-foiled, serif capital “A”—a strikingly symmetrical composition.

On looking closer, we are rewarded with the light-sensitive channels in the blind-embossed crown that link these graphic elements together. At its crest, its jewels fold inward, with lines merging into the illustrated crest and continuing seamlessly to form the balcony at which a king and queen stand. An appropriately regal affair of reverence and intimacy.

Printing Techniques
Offset printing, ITW 331, embossing, foil embossing prism