Biotech Beauty

Biotech Beauty

This is part of a series of hypothetical brands that explore sustainable products and EcoDesign in the beauty industry. 

Growing ingredients in a laboratory allows biotech beauty brands to harvest materials while reducing the use of land, water, and environmental disruption. 

Lab-grown ingredients can be biologically identical to natural alternatives, typically grown by introducing small amounts of natural materials to yeast or bacteria that produce the intended ingredient through fermentation. Synthetic alternatives that provide the same properties can also be created, such as vegan substitutes to standard materials. 

Biotech beauty offers a way to source key industry ingredients, like palm oil, more sustainably than typical harvesting practices. Additionally, because the growing conditions of ingredients are controlled, brands can ensure that each batch of products is of consistent quality. 

Biome is a hydrating body lotion made with lab harvested ingredients. The clear label represents the brand’s transparent approach to ingredients, knowing exactly what goes into each bottle.





Biotech beauty

The volume varnished logo brings to mind the microorganisms used to grow the ingredients, with “Bio” and “me” printed on different sides to play with the idea of mixing science and personal care.

A scientific approach to sustainability is also seen in the choice of label material. CleanFlake™ technology is used to create PET labels that separate cleanly from bottles during the recycling process, ensuring more PET packages become something new. 

Designed to be the right size and thickness for easy recognition by sorting equipment, CleanFlake™ labels offer brands a premium no-label look without compromising on sustainability. 


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