Seven sustainable labels for beauty products and a more beautiful planet


Sustainability is top of mind for the beauty community, with a rising demand for options that are ethically sourced, produce minimal waste and enable recyclability. Shoppers want to be assured that the products in their daily rituals and self-care routines come from brands that care for the planet. 

The transparency that customers are looking for can be challenging in such a complex and global industry, but brands who make the effort to minimize the environmental impact of their processes and products are securing a spot in the future of beauty.

Beauty Envelope - M_Use

Label and package design can boost a brand’s sustainability strategy in multiple ways. Materials can come from recycled or renewable sources, can enhance a product’s story, and can be used in combinations that enable convenient recycling post-use. 

Sustainable solutions for beauty packaging are flourishing and we’re excited to introduce our new inspiration envelope, ‘Zero Waste Beauty’, to showcase 7 label materials that can increase a product’s shelf appeal while reducing its environmental impact.

Beauty Envelope - M_Use
Beauty Envelope - M_Use

The Zero Waste Beauty envelope is a joint effort from Avery Dennison, a leader in material science and label production, and global branding agency, Mucho, to explore how existing and emerging sustainable beauty solutions can be made evident via brand expression.

We believe the best way to explore these sustainable label designs is up close, letting inspiration come from both the look and feel of the materials. Which is why we’re happy to offer a free Zero Waste Beauty envelope to brands, converters, and designers curious about EcoDesign.

This sample set includes 7 gorgeous labels, all tucked into an envelope made of 40% recycled paper from Favini, that show how the right material can elevate product appeal, brand story, and sustainability goals.

Biotech Beauty 

Blending science and nature, biotech brands head to the lab to recreate natural ingredients and eliminate overharvesting. The Biome label reflects this scientific approach to sustainability, using CleanFlake™ technology that separates labels cleanly from bottles during the recycling process to keep more PET in the value chain.

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Wild Harvesting

From the deepest root to the highest branch, The Ground Up skincare is inspired by the repeating cycles of nature. Ingredients are carefully foraged to ensure habitats are able to replenish, and packaging materials are meant to return to nature - including 100% cotton labels.

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Refill, Repeat, Recycle

The ellipsis-like design of Dot Dot Dot shampoo points to the open-ended nature of refillable beauty products. The label is made from 100% recycled PE, aligning with a commitment to reusability and providing a solution that’s suited for squeezable bottles.

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Responsible Sourcing

Halo sunscreen is committed to ethically sourcing the mica minerals that make it shine. Labels made from 80% marble mining waste reinforce the brand’s mission to build awareness around sustainable, responsible mining practices.

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Just the Essentials

Believing that skin care should be simple, Elemental helps men create an effective skin regime without a cabinet full of products - and the extra waste that comes with them. The minimalist label design, printed on 100% recycled paper, reflects the brand’s straightforward nature.

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Sustainable Convenience

The playful neon smudges of Oi! Creatures’ compostable face wipes are printed on a clear reclosure label that keeps in moisture, uses less plastic than traditional hard lids, and helps facilitate mono-material recycling.

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Instead of letting unused food products go to waste, Twiice turns them into high quality ingredients for face serum. Filmic labels made with up to 99% post-consumer waste are used for a bewitching package design that complements the brand’s upcycle philosophy.

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Meet the designer

Meet the Designers

Branding, packaging and graphic design agency Mucho relied on its diverse global team to create this collection. M_use spoke with them about sharing each brand’s story and their experience with taking an EcoDesign-centered approach.

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If you’re curious to get your hands on some samples, we’re happy to send you a Zero Waste Beauty envelope on the house. Follow the link below to request your sample set. We look forward to hearing from you!