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Sustainable Convenience

Sustainable Convenience


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This is part of a series of hypothetical brands that explore sustainable products and EcoDesign in the beauty industry. 

While 92% of the respondents in Getty Images’ survey on consumer preference said they believe the way we treat our planet now will have a large impact on the future, 48% said that when it comes to purchasing behavior, they still prioritize convenience over the environment. 

Oi! Creatures aims to make single-use convenience as sustainable as possible with its compostable face wipes. The packaging is made from a single type of plastic and the wipes consist of 100% plant-based fibers that can biodegrade in a home compost bin, so it’s easier to recycle. 

The playful label is designed for young, bold shoppers who find the stereotypical aesthetic of sustainability a bit outdated. Neon makeup smudges are brought to life with a pair of eyes as a nod to the microorganisms that help with composting.

The bright creatures are printed on a transparent reclosure label that keeps moisture in by smoothly resealing over and over. Replacing the typical hard plastic lid with a thin, rigid PET label like this can reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging by up to 80%. 

Additionally, the Oi! Creatures package and label are both made from the same type of plastic to facilitate mono-material recycling and make it as simple as possible to bring plastic back into the loop. 

Sustainable Convenience
Sustainable Convenience


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