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rPP Cavitated White

This is part of a series of hypothetical brands that explore sustainable products and EcoDesign in the beauty industry. 

Food waste is getting a new life through the growing trend of upcycled beauty. Future-thinking brands are recapturing byproducts of commercial food production – including coffee, fruits and oils – and turning them into high-quality skincare products. 

Twiice clarifying face serum is made with reclaimed (or “twiice” used) botanical ingredients for an all-natural product and a zero-waste approach to beauty. 

The dark, enchanting label brings to mind elixirs brewed in a midnight garden, with the pearly black-on-black lettering adding extra allure. 

The concept of reuse is incorporated into the design with the simple sun and moon conveying the brand name, the twice-a-day application and the bigger picture of natural cycles and renewal.

To complement Twiice’s upcycle philosophy, the label is made from material that contains up to 99% post-consumer waste. The rPP label provides similar properties to standard film. It can also be turned back into food-safe material through chemical recycling, making it a more sustainable and effective option for beauty brands focused on reducing waste.



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