Black Paper


La Suite Atelier


Avery Dennison


Fasson® Black Paper New FSC


Europe, France

Black Paper is a featured design in the Avery Dennison Premium Collection inspiration envelope. Created by La Suite Atelier, Black Paper creates a beautiful illusion of depth on the Fasson Black Paper New FSC.

La Suite Atelier comments on the Black Paper design:
“A creation on black paper, used to force the negative to become positive. This label tames the whims of inks and techniques, and makes the imagined real. Black paper is finely nuanced, allowing you to play with colours and texture. Its structure allows daring—an inspiring player.”

Our M_usings

This label inventively appropriates the technique of hatching to create a number of tonal variants that give depth to the overall design. This method, emerging from drawing, registers a series of lines at specific distances to be interpreted by the human eye—when white lines on black are set closer together they appear as a light grey. But when they are set sparsely, we construe that field as black.

The visual language of craft beer is signified by adopting the current trend of “heritage” aesthetic. This is established in the use of crests, scrolls, embellishments, and the shadowed typeface reminiscent of hand-rendered signwriting.

Printing Techniques
Offset printing, white silkscreen, ITW 336, glossy tactile varnish, embossing