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Locally Grown

Locally Grown


PVDC-Free Oxygen Barrier PP Reclosure

This is part of a series of hypothetical brands that explore sustainable product and design in the food industry.

From the garden to the market, consumers are supporting local farming as a personally empowering sustainable practice. 

For the supporter of local produce, the benefits are twofold: a reduced carbon footprint as well as eating fresher, healthier food. These advantages are largely due to a much smaller scale of operation when compared to industrial agriculture. When produce is harvested and packaged locally, the distance it has to travel is greatly reduced as is the risk of moisture loss, nutrient degradation, and spoilage that faces food traveling long journeys. 

The ease with which a consumer can interact with their local supplier on a one-to-one basis creates a relationship of trust. Whether it's at the farmers market, the online or offline specialty gourmet store, or with a vegetable box subscription, more and more buyers enjoy the satisfaction and pride of feeling like they are actively investing in their community.

Gardener’s Greens cleverly pairs an illustration aesthetic with its clear label and container to carry across the inviting, trustworthy nature of the brand. Celebrating the role of the Gardener, as clearly stated in the product’s name, infuses the brand with the associations of care and quality.

Locally Grown
Locally Grown
Locally Grown

This sense of domestic closeness is further enforced with a lively illustration by Andrés Lozano. Taking up most of the label surface area, this active composition of a kitchen-in-use centers on an open window. Designer Rebecca Worth leverages the package’s transparent material and the vertical orientation of the reclosure label, to utilize this illustrated scene as a framing device, which allows the consumer to look “through the window” at the fresh herbs contained within the package.

Hand-drawn text elements, including a tagline of “grown locally, picked fresh” further emphasize the Gardener's Greens spirit of locality. 

The Oxygen Barrier PP Reclosure is an airtight and resealable material, which helps prolong shelf life and prevent unnecessary food waste. Additionally, the label’s face stock is free of PVDC, a common contaminant in the recycling stream.


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