Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design

Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design

Design Studios:

Bulldog Studio (Creative Director: Carles Sala)
Estudio de Diseño Pablo Guerrero (Creative Director: Pablo Guerrero)
Estudio Maba (Creative Director: Miguel Angel del Baño Alvarez)
SeriesNemo (Founder: Jokin Arregi Letamendi)
Tridimage (Creative Director: Hernán Braberman)
Supperstudio (Creative Director: Paco Adín Oteiza)


Bodega Altavins
Vins i Caves Perelada
Distillerie Francoli
Olga Verde

Have you ever wondered what motivates a consumer to choose one product over another on a crowded shelf? It's not just about the product itself; it's the story the exterior tells. After all, it's the packaging, the label, that creates the first impression, not the product's contents. With so many choices available, The Brand Shop reported that 68% of consumers admit that a brand's story influences their purchasing decisions. This underscores the significant impact of packaging design on the consumer's journey, turning every product into a storyteller in its own right.

The Pentawards, a renowned name in the world of packaging design, has been championing this narrative since its inception in 2007. As a leading global platform, it brings together the most innovative and creative packaging designs from all corners of the globe. Year after year, the Pentawards has set the stage for designers and brands to showcase how a mere container can serve as a platform for compelling storytelling. In the 2023 event, held on November 9th and 10th, the Pentawards continued celebrating the convergence of creativity, material innovation, and narrative excellence. 

This year was particularly noteworthy for us, and we are proud to share that a number of awards were presented to designs that used Avery Dennison's labeling materials. In this article, we'll dive into each of the winning designs, exploring each label's unique narrative and the creative use of materials that brought these stories to life.

Let's kick things off with Bulldog Studio's collaboration with bodega Altavins for the wine line Vinarel·les. Their Gold award-winning design in the 'Beverages Wine Collection (Mixed)' category captures the heart of a narrative. Each label is a page from the sketches and notes of winegrower Joan Arrufí's notebook, bringing his personal touch to every bottle. The choice of our  Vinarel·les Fasson® Naturel Touch Craft FSC® paper complements this concept beautifully, its high texture lending a craft-like, traditional look that resonates with the authenticity of Arrufí's notes.

Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design

Seriesnemo's work with Perelada is an ode to architectural brilliance and simplicity. Winning Silver in the 'Beverages Wine Collection (Mixed)' category, the design reflects the magnificent underground cellar of the new Perelada winery. The wine bottles, with their textured glass mirroring the cellar's walls, and the simplistic labels printed on our Fasson® Fibers Look FSC® paper, create a visual and tactile experience that goes beyond mere packaging. Using the collar to cover and hide the sommelier-style mouth creates a bottle silhouette without a neck, giving it the appearance of being hand-blown. The label beautifully emphasizes the winery's commitment to sharing a piece of its legacy with every pour.

Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design

Another remarkable creation by Seriesnemo, this time for Conte Camillo's cocktail by Distillerie Francoli, blends tradition with a twist of modernity. Awarded Silver in the 'Beverages Cocktails' category, the design pays homage to the cocktail's namesake, Count Camillo Negroni. The design is a play of reliefs, foregrounds, and backgrounds on our Fasson® Cotton White paper, crafting an unconventional visual effect. The bottle and stopper's design draws inspiration from Italian architecture, while the heraldic elements narrate the product's lineage. The cherry red color adds an unexpected touch of boldness, just like the cocktail itself.

Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design

Moving on, let's take a look at  Estudio Maba's design for Altahy dark wine, which won Silver in the 'Beverages Wine (Dark)' category. The design captures the essence of a vineyard reborn from volcanic destruction, and also won Bronze in the ‘Sustainable Design - Beverages' category. The minimalist design on Fasson® Martele Blanc FSC® paper, with its hammered tactile embossed finish, echoes the resilience and beauty of the Martian-like landscape where these wines are born and where courageous winegrowers have forged the miracle of life after destruction.

Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design

Tridimage's collaboration with Las Quinas X Mujeres de La Cañada for their prickly pear jam is a smart packaging masterpiece, winning Silver in the 'Brand Identity & Connected Packaging’ category. The label combines visual attractiveness with innovative design, featuring illustrations generated by artificial intelligence. The incorporation of our NFC digital identification technology and Cellr's connected products platform enables an immersive storytelling experience right from the label, printed on our Fasson® Cuvée Martelé Blanco paper.

Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design

Estudio Pablo Guerrero's work for Olga Verde on Fontecalada, which won Bronze in the 'Beverages Wine (Dark)' category, is a visual representation of the unique vineyard's terroir. The label's design, featuring a literal crack, is a creative expression of the winery's calcareous soil. Printed on our Fasson® Cotton White paper, the label's tactile element and the strategic crack add a unique dimension, reflecting the distinctiveness of the Mencía wine it adorns.

Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design

Supperstudio saw multiple wins this year, attesting to the transformative power of packaging design. Their three concepts, each receiving Bronze awards, are eye-catching and impressive narrative pieces. These were part of the ‘Once Upon A Time’ collaboration with our team at Avery Dennison, KURZ, ESTAL, Etiquel, Amorim, Etinsa, FAVINI, and EGISA, to develop ten beauty prototypes based on classic fairytales with a twist—all putting a spotlight on a social sustainability issue.

The first, "Mirror Mirror," is inspired by Snow White and earned the Bronze award in the 'Body, Health & Beauty - Professional conceptual work' category. This project is a bold stance against conventional beauty standards, advocating for the inherent value of inner beauty. The label, elegantly presented on our Fasson® Pet 100 Bright Top paper, reminds us that the essence of true beauty lies in values that transcend physical appearance. "Huff and Puff," inspired by the tale of The Three Little Pigs, is a creative protest against prejudice and closed-mindedness. It also won the Bronze award in the 'Body, Health & Beauty - Professional conceptual work' category. Printed on our smooth Fasson® Velvet Violet and  Fasson® Velvet Black papers, the label's design embodies the concept of diversity and acceptance. It's a compelling reminder that there are different lifestyles and perspectives in the world, all worthy of respect and understanding. The third concept, "Honeysty," influenced by the story of Pinocchio, was not only a Bronze award winner in the 'Home, Leisure & Other Markets - Self promotion' category but also garnered the People's Choice Award in the 'Brand Identity & connected packaging' category. It is a beacon for authenticity, with a narrative encapsulated on our luxurious Fasson® Velvet Violet and Fasson® rCrush Citrus FSC® papers. It's a design that doesn't just speak to consumers but engages them in a conversation about the value of genuineness in an often inauthentic world.


Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design
Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design
Beyond the label: The storytelling power of packaging design

As we reflect on all the winning designs at the Pentawards 2023, it's evident that packaging design has evolved into a powerful medium for storytelling. This year's event highlights the influence of a brand's story on consumer choices. Each winner, especially those using our labeling materials, showcases the potential of packaging to go beyond its functional role, constructing stories that connect products with consumers on a deeper, more meaningful level. All designs presented at the Pentawards were not just labels but stories waiting to be told. As we celebrate these amazing achievements, we are reminded that in the hands of a skilled designer, a package can be much more than a container – it can be a storyteller, a brand ambassador, and a catalyst for change.

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