Introducing 'Coming Clean: Sustainable labels for bold food brands'

The last few years have shown us that the health of our planet has become one of the defining stories of our time. From the kitchen to the office and back again, consumers and business owners alike are making important changes to ensure a greener future.

In the food and beverage industry, brands can now expect a customer’s desire for more transparency. How is this product made? Where does it come from? How does it fit into our larger shared goals of preserving the planet? A product’s label holds endless potential to provide the answers to these vital questions.

Food Envelope - M_Use

A boldly placed list of all natural ingredients; a design flourish that emphasizes small-batch production; the inclusion of language around recyclability; the use of paper made with post consumer waste. The right design decision and choice of label materials can provide a lasting impact in communicating your commitment to clean food solutions.

In this spirit, we’re thrilled to introduce our new food inspiration envelope ‘Coming Clean’, which showcases label solutions produced with environmentally sustainable materials and technologies.

Food Envelope - M_Use
Food Envelope - M_Use

We believe the best way to explore these solutions is by feeling and seeing them for yourself, which is why we are offering a complimentary inspiration envelope for brands and manufacturers interested in sustainable labels. If you’re curious to learn more, let us know and we’ll send you our latest envelope, Coming Clean: Sustainable Solutions for Bold Food Brands.

Inside the envelope you’ll find six samples that incorporate the look and feel of  high quality, environmentally friendly material and show how a product’s story can be elevated by aligning packaging with brand values.

Sustainable Sourcing

Using paper made from 30% recycled content, the design for Batch features foil stamped details and elegant typography to highlight this product’s geographic origins and focus on small batch, sustainable farming.

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Organic Farming

Emphasizing the health benefits from organic farming and finding inspiration from Indonesian cultural heritage this coconut butter from Kelapa features a label made of materials that emphasize a circular economy thanks to CleanFlake™ technology that enables the clean removal of labels in the PET recycling process.

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All Natural Ingredients

Designed to work on vessels that require squeezability, this label for Zebedee’s ketchup is made of 30% recycled PE resin, which eases a dependency on fossil-fuel based films. Utilizing bright color and a playful aesthetic, this design emphasizes that you can have the nutritional advantage of all natural ingredients without losing the delicious flavor.

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Dietary Led Meals

In response to a growing interest in dietary focused, single-meal options, Intu:Eats features a minimal, color coded system to showcase each meal’s intended impact on personal wellness. When paired with a compostable tray and film, this product is capable of being industrially composted, directly reducing environmental impact.

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Reflecting on the emerging trend of prebiotics and gut health, this label design for Goodness Gracious finds inspiration from our gastrointestinal curvatures. The label is made from 40% post consumer waste and 15% citrus pulp.

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Locally Grown

Free of PVDC, a common contaminant found in recycling streams, this combination of oxygen barrier film and reclosure adhesive allows for a longer shelf life and helps prevent food waste. A hand drawn, illustrative label design for Gardener’s Greens celebrates locally grown produce, and its direct benefits on the economy and our environmental health.

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Meet the Designer 

Graphic Designer, Rebecca Worth has designed the six speculative products that each reflect on an important clean food solution. She’s taken in consideration how each label can best reflect a forward-thinking brand identity, giving each showcase brand its own carefully considered design, color palette, typographic style, and application.

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If you’re curious to get your hands on some samples, we’re happy to send you a Coming Clean Food Envelope on the house. Follow the link below to request your sample set. We look forward to hearing from you!