Dietary-led Meals

Dietary-Led Meals

This is part of a series of hypothetical brands that explore sustainable product and design in the food industry.

Once reserved as a luxury for professional athletes or A-list celebrities, dietary-led meals have entered the mainstream as an accessible and convenient health solution.

These meals, often packaged as single-servings, have been specifically curated to provide targeted nutritional benefits for the body and mind. For example, a salad focused on improving cardiovascular health may include carrots rich in carotenoids, leafy greens with vitamin K and avocados for their heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

IntuEats celebrates the thematically-specific genre of dietary-led meals with a highly functional, yet refined brand identity.




Dietary-Led Meals
Dietary-Led Meals

As its name suggests, the IntuEats design is motivated by intuitive decisions in regards to type placement, color and overall layout. A generously sized label clearly displays vital information, including easy to read symbols for gluten, nut, and dairy free ingredients as well as acknowledging the container’s compostability. 

The placement and size of the label also leaves plenty of room for the shopper to see the appetizing contents behind the clear container top. 

Each label has a header colored in a refreshing hue, which is used to differentiate each themed meal box: Resilience, Detox, Vitality, Mend, Burn, and Zen. 

Finally, a strategically placed design flourish is used for a symbolic effect. Centered on the label is the die-cut punctuation mark of the colon, intended to represent body balance as well as the meal’s function as an integral point of nutrition among the day’s comings and goings.

IntuEats employs NatureFlex film, a biodegradable material produced from sustainable sourced woodpulp. The combination of container, film, adhesive, and ink is certified for industrial composting, providing an environmentally conscious packaging solutions that appeals to the health conscious IntuEats’ customer. 

Dietary-Led Meals


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