Bevacan: Raising a Can to Italian Wine

Design Agency: hellobarrio
Founder and designer: Andrea Viberti and Alessio Binello
Brand: Bevacan
Print: Albagrafica
Label materials: Fasson® Cotton Extra White  

Picture this. You're traveling with friends, possibly participating in outdoor activities, and creating precious memories together. It is highly likely that these moments also involve wine over other drinks, as they have a long history of being associated with special occasions and provide a unique flavor that everyone can enjoy. However, you might imagine traditional bottled wine when you picture these scenes. Could you imagine if the wine was also available in a can?

In 2021, Bevacan was born during a boat trip out of the creative minds of three young Italian wine lovers from Langhe. They drew inspiration from their backgrounds in Italian winemaking and wanted to provide everyone with a piece of the "Dolce Vita" experience by putting quality wines in an innovative, modern container—making these traditional flavors accessible to everyone, anywhere. To create the unique design, the brand collaborated with the visual agency hellobarrio. A unique challenge faced the creative team—could they create a design for excellent, quintessentially Italian wine in convenient and easily accessible cans? As the name implies, this is no ordinary wine—'beva' means to drink in Italian, and 'can' refers to the container itself. "We wanted the cans to reflect the traditional Italian winemaking heritage and a modern aesthetic. The gold color reinforces the product's preciousness, while the font style is reminiscent of Piedmontese wine production in the 1960s," explains Andrea Viberti, Co-founder of hellobarrio. However, the project's aim was not simply to produce something unique and accessible—it also had to reinforce a sustainability message.


"Our goal was to create a totally sustainable project in terms of processes and production. That's why we chose the paper that we did and aluminum," adds Alessio Binello, also Co-founder of hellobarrio. Indeed, the creative team chose our Fasson® Cotton Extra White paper, made from 100% cotton and features a unique velvet finish appearance for high cotton tactility. " The approach we took was to look for a paper that conveys a strong sense of materiality, recalls the historical weight of tradition and wine, and highlights the handcrafted quality. As a result, it contrasts starkly with the vibrant design of the can. This paper meets these requirements and, even people who do not understand it technically recognize that it is high-quality," comments Andrea.

The final result is a highly recognizable packaging project with a radically different aesthetic compared to the traditional principles of wine. Due to the rapid spread in the target market and the general appreciation of the design, the product was able to establish an identity of its own immediately. In fact, the brand has been recognized and awarded for its digital experience since its inception.

Bevacan proves one thing above all else. Traditional, premium Italian wine does not have to come in a bottle to be considered high quality. You might even consider enjoying one at a special celebration and raising a can in memory of the occasion.

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