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Celebrating Carmenero's win at the Red Dot Awards

Carmenero special edition won a Red Dot award

A sip of wine and a tale of deception: The design of Carmenero

Design agency: Spazio di Paolo
Creative Director: Mario Di Paolo
Brand: Cà del Bosco
Label Material: Fasson® Cotton Touch FSC® and Fasson® Cotton Black
Print: Sanfaustino Label 
Embellishments: Luxoro-Kurz
Stamping dies: Hinderer + Muhlich


We're delighted to share that Ca' del Bosco's special edition Carmenero wine label, masterfully crafted by Mario Di Paolo from Spazio Di Paolo, has recently won the prestigious Red Dot Award in the Brand & Communication Design category. In this beautifully constructed project, we are proud to have supplied the premium labeling materials, bringing to life the captivating story of the "wolf in sheep's clothing."

Over the past six decades, the Red Dot Award has been a symbol of excellence in design and innovation. Originating in 1955, when a jury convened to celebrate the era's best designs, the award has evolved under the leadership of CEO Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, representing quality and creativity. Especially notable is its Brand & Communication Design category, introduced in 1993, which draws entries from leading international agencies, designers, and brands. Every year, the Red Dot Jury, a cohort of seasoned and insightful experts, delves deep into the nuances of each entry, guided by the pursuit of unrivaled design and ingenuity. Earning the Red Dot distinction signifies not just outstanding creativity but also the embodiment of a narrative that resonates on a global scale.


Carmenero special edition won a Red Dot award
Carmenero special edition won a Red Dot award

Ca' del Bosco's Carmenero wine unveils a tale of intrigue with its newly redesigned label by Mario Di Paolo. The "wolf in sheep's clothing" narrative is expertly told through layers of Avery Dennison's Fasson® Cotton Touch FSC® and Fasson® Cotton Black materials. A radiant gold touch from Luxoro - Leonhard Kurz, which graces the top label's interior, also adds to the story's allure. This top layer peels back to reveal a second label illustrating a night forest scene, with the wolf's eyes emerging from the darkness. 

You can dive deeper into the design process and inspiration of the Carmenero wine label in our previous article.

Jana Kokrhanek, CEO at Luxoro - Leonhard Kurz, who provided the project's embellishments, shared her thoughts on the excitement of winning the Red Dot. "We poured our heart and soul into this label, a project we nurtured over the years. The Red Dot Award, while not the end of our journey, shines as a significant milestone. It affirms that our project's essence and foundational values have resonated globally."

Talking about the design process, she adds: "Every printed label narrates a story of collaboration, creativity, and craft. It is a testament to this diverse mix of skills and innovation. Mario Di Paolo's genius lies in his ability to capture Carmenero's enigmatic tale on the label succinctly. This, harmoniously paired with quality materials and finishes, results in a label that celebrates design and storytelling."

"The interplay of a riveting story and its dual-label representation, which unveils the wolf's metamorphosis, was a masterstroke. Additionally, given that this year marks the vine's last production, it felt like the universe conspired for a grand closure," she concludes.


Carmenero special edition won a Red Dot award
Carmenero special edition won a Red Dot award

Discussing the significance of this win Vladimir Tyulpin, Market Segment Leader - Premium Packaging Solutions at Avery Dennison says: “We are pleased to have assisted in translating Carmenero's vision into a tactile, tangible reality with our materials. In the world of design and narrative, every thread counts. From the conceptualizers to the artisans and material providers to the storytellers, it's a collective pursuit of excellence. Today, as we toast to this monumental achievement, we're reminded of the magic that takes place when passion meets precision”. 

Visit the Red Dot Award website to learn more.

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