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Coastal Reserve

Coastal Reserve


Europe, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Andean Region, Brazil

A Conscious Wine Brand With A Mission To Reduce Plastic Waste


In an era of increased awareness and commitment to purchasing more sustainable products, it is not uncommon to see consumers changing their purchasing habits. The desire to live a conscious lifestyle is driving a growing number of individuals to choose brands that reflect their values.

Through the launch of the Coastal Reserve brand (exclusively for the on-trade), Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) and Molson Coors Beverage Company are meeting these growing needs in the world of wine. “Coastal Reserve is designed to appeal to an increasing pool of consumers who seek environmentally friendly products and brands that have a purpose”, says Chantal McDowell, Brand Manager, Treasury Wine Estates. In fact, according to a recent survey by Forbes, consumers are four to six times more likely to buy from purpose-driven brands that champion important causes, emphasising the need for organisations to listen and respond to buyer demands. 

Coastal Reserve

Coastal Reserve is partnered with Plastic Oceans Europe, a reputable non-profit whose mission is to foster sustainable communities worldwide. “Together, we want to focus on raising awareness around its sustainable efforts and take a step toward reducing plastic pollution”, adds Andrea Torres Saa, Regional Director, Plastic Oceans Europe. The brand offers a variety of European-sourced wines, including Merlot from Spain, Sauvignon Blanc from France, and Pinot Grigio Rosato from Italy. They are also vegan, and their ethos is firmly rooted in sustainability.

This is reflected first and foremost in the labels, which are printed on Fasson® rNatural Blanc FSC, a 100 percent recycled paper containing natural pigments for a natural white colour. Aside from being a conscious choice, the paper also contains all the elements necessary for Coastal Reserve to achieve the desired aesthetic, thanks to its whiteness level, which allows designers full creative freedom.

The design for Coastal Reserve was created in close collaboration with Denomination, a global creative agency, which specialises in taking Wine & Spirits brands to the next level.
“We wanted to create a design that referenced the coastal name while reflecting the European origins of the wines”, explains Giles Darwin, Managing Director, Denomination. “We were inspired by the Mediterranean sea's vitality and energy, as well as the amazing colours that change as the light changes throughout the day. Each label reflects the time of day it might be consumed, so Sauvignon Blanc in the middle of the day, Pinot Grigio Rosé in the late afternoon, and Merlot as the evening approaches”.

With seascapes that feature a headland jutting into the sea, as well as waves and foam that create movement and energy, the labels do a great job of honouring this vision. Giles Darwin adds: “The key message we wanted to convey was that of escaping to the Mediterranean coast and enjoying the pleasures of sipping wine by the sea”.

However, the sustainability mission does not just end with the label - it must be integrated throughout the entire supply chain. “When developing Coastal Reserve, we made conscious decisions about supply chain and packaging to minimise environmental impact. This includes sourcing and shipping European wines in bulk to reduce shipping miles and emissions, as well as using light-weight bottles”, explains Chantal McDowell.

Coastal Reserve is an example of a wine brand that combines premium winemaking expertise with a genuine desire to raise awareness about environmental issues. This makes them an excellent choice for today's conscious consumers.


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