Magari Blossom Gin

Magari Blossom Gin

Magari Blossom Gin: A Fresh Visual Representation of Spanish Gin

PROJECT NAME Magari Blossom
DESIGN AGENCY Bulldog Studio
DESIGN Bulldog Studio
CLIENT Vegamar bodegas
LABEL MATERIAL Fasson® rNaturel Touch Craft FSC®

There is much speculation about the origin of gin. Some claim that it began as a medicinal liquor made by monks and alchemists in southern Italy, but others believe Dutch physician Franciscus Sylvius invented it in 1550. Most people believe the second theory, with stories stating the English first stumbled upon the spirit during the Thirty Years' War and drank it as a means of calming their nerves. Thus, gin began as the original 'Dutch Courage'.

Despite not being the original birthplace of the spirit, Spain is home to several reputable gin producers. The aging process for gin is much shorter than those for most other spirits, and it is marketed quickly after it is distilled. Due to this, the Spanish embraced it fully when demand exploded. One of these forward-looking brands is Vegamar Bodegas, founded in 1999 and located 65km from the sea at over 600 m altitude.

Magari Blossom Gin

Magari Blossom Gin, Vegamar's newest product, had to reflect not only the spirit of gin but also the country where it's produced. The brand collaborated with Barcelona based Bulldog Studio to develop a visual story to capture the attention of gin lovers on shelves. “During the briefing, we discussed the needs of the product and the market where it will be sold, which helped us determine the project's direction," explains Toni Torres, Senior Art Director at Bulldog Studio. “The Mediterranean was the primary source of inspiration. Since we are lucky enough to have the sea on our doorstep, we came up with this label's idea of waves”.

The label's vibrant yellow colors and bold typography immediately catch one's attention. Although today's competitive market makes it hard for brands to stand out on shelves, Magari Blossom Gin will likely attract attention.

“We wanted the label to convey freshness with a citrus touch, but most importantly freshness,” adds Carla Rodrigo Cervera, Creative at Vegamar Bodegas. As a result, Avery Dennison's Fasson® rNaturel Touch Craft FSC®

was chosen to deliver this message. "We were positively surprised by this paper. It is quite common for us to work with Avery Dennison products since they provide a lot of support and give us the ability to recreate complex textures thanks to the technicality of the papers”, says Toni Torres. Printed masterfully by Vidal & Armadans, this label does not wrap around the bottle completely, thus  creating a diagonal line across it to make it more visually striking. 

There is something truly captivating about the peculiarity of citrus touches intermingled with algae in this silky, smooth, and elegant dry-style gin. With an exquisite label that conveys freshness, Bulldog Studio delivers a contemporary yet classy design that reflects the smoothness that is sure to appeal to most gin enthusiasts.

Magari Blossom Gin


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