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Orion Gin Packaging: An invitation to dream

Orion Gin Packaging

Orion Gin Packaging: An invitation to dream through meaningful and distinctive design by Maison Linea

BRAND Pegasus Distillerie
MATERIAL Fasson® rOxford White FSC®
PRINTER Imprimerie Jacquelin Frères
PHOTOS Gilles De Beauchêne
BOTTLE Hrastnik 1860
STOPPER Parramon Exportap

“For those who travel, the stars are guides” - the deeply profound line written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry after the invasion of France forced him to abandon aviation and flee to New York during World War II. This quote is an excerpt from The Little Prince, a book loved by many worldwide, featuring messages of love and compassion inspired by Saint-Exupéry's nostalgia for childhood.

Taking inspiration from this world created by the French writer and aviator, PEGASUS Distillerie in collaboration with design agency Maison Linea created ORION Gin. The design is influenced by the passions of the distillery's founder: horses, aviation, and astronomy. Hence, the name refers to the constellation of Orion (one of the brightest and most famous constellations in the night sky). Additionally, to create a sense of elevation, the logo illustrates the mythical winged horse Pegasus to contrast with the small and precious nature of the glass. In essence, ORION is a heart-warming invitation to dream, explore, and adventure - much like The Little Prince.

Orion Gin Packaging

Meursault, a well-known village in Burgundy, is where the PEGASUS distillerie chose to establish and create its terroir-inspired spirits in 2020. All of its spirits are created to be precise, balanced, and rooted in their environments, much like the great wines of Burgundy. Ultimately, simplicity is the most challenging concept to achieve as it requires meticulous work and high precision. Similar to the distillery's other spirits, ORION is a balance between technical performance, respect for the raw material, and work philosophy.

Maison Linea also distilled this ethos into the packaging and design of the gin. The deep-blue tint of the bottle evokes the grandeur of space, while the cap's square shape contrasts with the roundness of the bottle. The agency used Avery Dennison's Fasson® rOxford White FSC® paper to design the label for its grain and texture, resulting in a classy, delicate, and subtle design. The whiteness of the paper, which is made from FSC® certified paper, composed of 50% post-consumer recycled fibers, harmonizes with the blue tone of the bottle and enhances the minimalist and refined graphics of the label. Like the gin itself, this simplistic label reflects authenticity and quality, manifesting an organic and flavorsome product. As such, it is safe to say that PEGASUS Distillerie and Maison Linea accomplished their purpose, which was to design a sleek product that stands out from the market because of its distinctive and assertive identity.

Consumers today want products that are of high quality, stand out on shelves and tell a story. They want products with which they can resonate and share values - products with more significant meaning. Symbolizing Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince universe, ORION is a much-needed reminder to dream while delivering messages of hope and humanity - something we all need and are appreciative of at this very moment.

Orion Gin Packaging


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