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Robel Magical Gin

A Mexican legend brought to life with label design

BRAND Robel Gin
LABEL MATERIAL Fasson® Fibers Look FSC®
PRINTER Eurostampa Mexico

Throughout our lives, our parents and grandparents have told us stories. Several of these stories were well-known tales from the Grimm Brothers and Aesop, while others were based on traditional tales, legends, and myths - unwritten stories that survived because they were passed down from generation to generation. In small Mexican towns, this is particularly true.

One of these tales inspired the Robel Magical Gin project by the prestigious Hi! Estudio. “Legend has it that the inhabitants of a small town sat under a tree to watch the rain, and underneath that large oak tree was buried a dog and its owner,” explains Gabriel Cuevas Franco, Creative Director at Hi Estudio. “They magically transformed rainwater into gin so that the townspeople could enjoy it, since it is a highly distilled and loved beverage in Mexico.”

Robel Magical Gin

This was the essence of what Hi Estudio hoped to achieve with its product design. Illustrator Miguel Gomez depicted a majestic oak tree sitting atop a dog and its dead owner's skull on the label, surrounded by townspeople celebrating the creation of the gin. “A representation of party, the unification of people from a town that is typical of Mexico, the context of celebration, and the representation of death are some of the elements that are present in Robel's label, a mix of party, stories, and tradition," says Alan Aguiñaga Gonzalez, Art Director at Hi Estudio.

The agency chose Avery Dennison's Fasson® Fibers Look FSC® paper for the label to achieve its desired outcome. "It allowed us to tell a story through paper. Its neatness encouraged us to make small, careful strokes that together with the use of color could create a label capable of conveying a message of tradition, celebration, and union with a contemporary character", says Alan. The combination of blue and gold creates a luxurious and earthy design with a party-inspired aesthetic. With Miguel's detailed illustration, the overall label becomes vibrant and captivating.

There is no denying that more and more people are becoming familiar with distillates, and gin is considered a drink that will please the most refined palates while offering a variety of flavors and aromas. “We have received extremely positive reactions from the public and many interesting interpretations of what the label represents. By telling a story through the label, we invite the public to create their own story by exploring a product that encourages them to use their imaginations,” concludes Gabriel.

Robel Magical Gin


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