Sustainable Sourcing

This is part of a series of hypothetical brands that explore sustainable product and design in the food industry.

With sustainably sourced and easily recyclable materials, the package design of Batch Organic Sicilian Almonds reflects the environmental benefits and consumer appeal of a brand committed to sustainable sourcing. 

Due to a unique and favorable climate, almonds grown and processed in Sicily require less water when compared to other regions. Along with an environmentally advantageous location, the brand’s small-scale production results in a fresher and healthier product thanks to shorter storage and transit times.

To communicate the eco-friendly advantages of the brand, designer Rebecca Worth incorporated elements that balance the elegant and minimal with the utilitarian.

The generous amount of breathing room between the primary text elements allows the customer to focus first on the brand name and product description. These are finished in a beautiful foil stamp and embossed type. The additional key features that define the product’s geographic origin, nutritional benefits and quality are generously spaced out with little visual clutter. This is all unified on a green background that’s refreshing to the eyes.

An important design decision, which exemplifies the brand’s artisanal size, is the incorporation of handwritten information. When added by hand, the product’s batch number, its use by date and even the name of the individual who packed the almonds emphasize a sense of care and pride.

Batch uses rMC paper, a FSC certified material made of 30% recycled content from office, printing and newspaper waste. When combined with an rBG liner, which uses 15% recycled content from liner waste, it exemplifies a ‘circular economy’ of reuse.

When applied to a paper or cardboard container, the recycling advantages are even stronger, as this enables mono-material recycling of the entire packaging. 

Both practical and considered, the Batch design and choice of label material speak to a commitment to sustainable practices.


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