Villa Ugo Gin


Villa Ugo Gin: The perfect embodiment of family & Tuscany

Design studio: Dario Frattaruolo Design     
Designer: Dario Frattaruolo
Brand: Villa Ugo       
Owner: Teccognano Srl  
CompanySabatini Gin
Converter: La commerciale
Owner: Stefano Artuffo      
Label Material: Fasson® Cotton Touch FSC®
Embellishments: Luxoro-Kurz


What happens when four professionals from Tuscany's Valdichiana region come together with backgrounds in finance, marketing, and law? While the answer may not seem obvious, the outcome is one that is passionate, successful, and delectable. 

Sabatini Gin was founded in 2015 by four members of the Sabatini family: Ugo, his two sons Enrico and Niccolò, and cousin Filippo. In the heart of the Valdichiana, where Villa Ugo is located, once owned by their great-grandparents in the early 20th century, the four men have always maintained a connection to the land—seeking to honor their roots. Due to their mutual love of distillates, which was influenced by Ugo's grandfather's history as a master distiller, Sabatini Gin was born.


Villa Ugo
Villa Ugo

Among the distillery's impressive portfolio of Gins, one is particularly noteworthy for its design and underlying narrative. Collaborating with award-winning design and illustration studio Dario Frattaruolo, the team wanted to welcome the newest product, Villa Ugo, to the Sabatini family with a statement. Featuring 11 botanicals, this rich and layered London Dry Gin is a true embodiment of Tuscany. "Villa Ugo Gin's packaging deserves its own story," explains Dario Frattaruolo, owner of the studio. "We wanted to pay tribute to Tuscany and Villa Ugo, home of the Sabatini family since 1890". Villa Ugo, located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level amidst the "Golden Valley," is depicted on the bottle's label, reflecting all the traditions of historic Tuscan architecture and surrounded by an olive grove of 11 hectares.

Looking closely at the label design, Dario notes: "The laminated decorations and the rough-textured paper evoke the typical Tuscan house decorations of the time. The light but intense colors convey its essence: young and Mediterranean." Dario felt that our Fasson® Cotton Touch FSC® paper provided the ideal white base for the Luxoro foil, which reflects old Tuscan walls and houses under the sun.


Villa Ugo
Villa Ugo

The label design ultimately conveys what consumers can expect to taste in the product. While the authentic design embodies fresh, clean and warm notes, each sip promises a journey through the Mediterranean countryside. With the dedication and hard work of the four founders, the company has built a credible brand that appeals to today's consumers globally—but one thing is certain. Centuries of tradition will always be ingrained in Sabatini Gins' products, which truly embody the culture and quality of "Made in Italy."

Villa Ugo

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