Design agency: O,Nice! Design Studio
Creative Director: Stefano Torregrossa
Label materials: Avery Dennison
NFC tags: Avery Dennison Smartrac
Embellishments and print tooling: Luxoro-KURZ and H+M
Print: Grafical 
Glass bottles: Estal
Photos: ADvision
Paper: Favini

The availability of energy sources is diminishing, and efforts are being made to ensure that irreplaceable resources are preserved for future generations. Despite the transition to low-carbon energy systems, the coming decades will likely see a rapid change in the energy landscape. This will require global attention if we are to accelerate the process.

Inspired by concerns over energy, AMATERASU, our Japanese beer concept, is built to shed light on the issue of resource depletion. In honor of the Japanese goddess of the sun, Amaterasu, who is amongst the highest divinities of Shintoism, the prototype revolves around the sun—a symbol for the original source of most of the energy.

Our Fasson® rCrush Barley FSC® paper is used for AMATERASU's label, which is made from 15% by-products from barley processing (such as beer and whiskey), 40% post-consumer recycled fibers, and 45% virgin wood pulp. The label illustrates a golden sun rising, spreading a yellow shade of color in its wake. As a representation of the sun, two Japanese koi carps glide in circles on the front of the label, as the golden fish symbolizes the goddess. 

The aim of AMATERASU is to show how luxury brands can tie sustainable labels to digital triggers, such as NFC tags, bringing the physical and digital worlds together. Through adopting intelligent labels, brands can develop a deeper connection with consumers through interactive storytelling — such as raising awareness about resource depletion.

In collaboration with ESTAL, Favini, Grafical, Luxoro-KURZ and O,nice! Design Studio, we created six 'Element' prototypes to demonstrate how NFC tags can integrate with our premium, sustainable, and security portfolios to communicate with consumers and engage them with brand stories.


ELEMENTS Amaterasu
ELEMENTS Amaterasu
ELEMENTS Amaterasu

Consumers can access a dedicated landing page after scanning the NFC tag on the label, which showcases how brands can embed digital triggers into their labels, monitor various metrics, and interact directly with their buyers. We offer a variety of digital ID solutions, along with connected product cloud. As a result, brands can manage supply chains, and reach individual customers. However, the most important advantage is that it allows brands to tell a story about their products, values and, in this case, educate consumers on environmental concerns facing the world today.

We hope you will be inspired even more by reading about our other prototypes in the Elements envelope. Explore how sustainable materials can help you create a premium look and feel for your products while keeping the environment in mind, and learn how you can harness the power of connected products to communicate your brand story. 

Questions? Reach out to our business development manager to learn more about this project and request the Elements envelope.


ELEMENTS Amaterasu

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