Design agency: O,Nice! Design Studio
Creative Director: Stefano Torregrossa
Label materials: Avery Dennison
NFC tags: Avery Dennison Smartrac
Embellishments and print tooling: Luxoro-KURZ and H+M
Print: Grafical 
Glass bottles: Estal 
Photos: ADvision
Paper: Favini


Our daily lives are impacted by the effects of global warming. From changing weather patterns threatening agriculture to rising sea levels, increasing flooding risks, and coastal land loss. According to the UN, climate change is responsible for at least 150,000 deaths per year, a number that is expected to double by 2030, emphasizing its global significance and unprecedented magnitude.

Even though awareness of this issue has grown consistently for the past 40 years and a lot of efforts are being made by institutions worldwide, we still have a long way to go in ensuring that the issue is addressed even faster.

In light of this ongoing crisis, we created one of the prototypes in our Elements envelope—PELE—our Hawaiian body cream concept designed to bring attention to global warming. According to mythology, Pele is the goddess of fire. Due to the aggressive nature of global warming, she was chosen as the main symbol for this concept, as heat and fire often cause droughts and forest fires today—examples of global warming's effects.

The PELE label features our Fasson® rMartele Blanc FSC® paper made from 100% post-consumer waste fibers. Volcanoes and lava are the main themes of the label design, featuring a combination of print, foil, and micro-embossing. On the top label, the goddess' face emerges with embossing, adorned with a flower crown.

As exhibited in this prototype, luxury brands can pair sustainable labels with digital triggers, such as NFC tags, to bridge the physical and digital worlds. Through intelligent labels, brands can develop a deeper connection with consumers through interactive storytelling—such as raising awareness about global warming.



In partnership with ESTAL, Favini, Grafical, Luxoro-KURZ and O,nice! Design Studio, we have crafted six 'Element' prototypes demonstrating how digital triggers, such as NFC tags, can be integrated with our premium, sustainable, and security portfolios to communicate with consumers and further engage them with brand stories.

PELE's label also connects the physical with the digital through the use of intelligent labels, as upon scanning the NFC tag, a dedicated landing page will provide more information to the consumer. The prototype showcases how brands can embed digital triggers into their labels, monitor various metrics, and interact directly with their buyers. We offer a variety of digital ID solutions, along with connected product cloud. Through this, brands can manage supply chains, and reach individual customers. However, the most important advantage is that it allows brands to tell a story about their products, values and, in this case, educate consumers on environmental concerns facing the world today.

We hope you will be inspired even more by reading about our other prototypes in the Elements envelope. Explore how sustainable materials can help you create a premium look and feel for your products while keeping the environment in mind, and learn how you can harness the power of connected products to communicate your brand story. 

Questions? Reach out to our business development manager to learn more about this project and request the Elements envelope.



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