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Engage your senses

Studio Eduardo Aires
Avery Dennison
Sensorial Collection

Designers around the globe receive a simple request just a few times each year—use these materials to create something spectacular.

Designed to awaken the senses and allow you to communicate your feelings, the Sensorial Collection is a truly innovative range that invites consumers to touch and feel the labels. Making use of all the senses helps brands create an unforgettable experience, which is exactly what happened when Portugese design agency, Studio Eduardo Aires created the Avery Dennison Sensorial Inspirational Envelope.

According to Studio Eduardo Aires’s founder Eduardo Aires:

“Our job was to take color, shape and figure, and add in some inspiration from the great discoveries of the 15th century, to create designs reflecting the excitement of worlds and cultures colliding.”

From the Atacama Desert in Chile and the colours and smells of Cuba… to the landscape of Japan, Asia and the imagination… These unique labels capture the senses and the wonder when Europeans first made contact with the New World.

While the envelope’s contents have traveled the world providing inspiration for designers, the work was also recognized by Graphis. The New York-based publisher is committed to promoting the work of exceptional talent in advertising, art and illustration, photography and graphic design. The Sensorial Collection designs were named a Graphis Silver.

The set of five designs in the Sensorial Collection inspiration envelope leverages the sensory experience of these specific materials to create an experience for consumers, all while exemplifying the power of inspired materials use.

Five designs to engage your senses
The Avery Dennison Sensorial Collection is an invitation to touch—a call to awaken the senses. From the soft touch of velvet, through to wood selected for its unique essence… everything is possible in the universe of sensations offered by the Sensorial Collection.

Experience for yourself materials that are soft to the touch, created with special textures. See the wide range of possibilities for labels with a vintage, handcrafted or premium image. These are materials that can establish a closer link with your consumers’ needs.


Made with Fasson® Wood Skin, this design utilizes offset printing, braille varnish, deboss and emboss. Check out the showcase.

Brutüs Gin

Made with Fasson Fibers Look, this design utilizes offset printing, hot foil stamp and sculpted emboss. Check out the showcase.


Made with Fasson Cloud White, this design utilizes digital printing, braille varnish and emboss. Check out the showcase.


Made with Fasson Velvet White, this design utilizes offset printing, hot foil stamp and sculpted emboss. Check out the showcase.

Atacama Peppers

Made with Tyvek 54, this design utilizes digital printing, braille varnish, hot foil stamp and emboss. Check out the showcase.

The making of the sensorial collection envelope
We believe the best ideas come from collaboration, inspiration and innovation. So when we partnered with Studio Eduardo Aires for the Sensorial Collection envelope, we knew we were on to something. Studio Eduardo Aires created a sensorial experience with smell, touch and sound—taking full advantage of the capability of the materials.

Studio Eduardo Aires
An internationally awarded multidisciplinary design agency. It was founded by Eduardo Aires in 1996. The agency is based in the beautiful city of Porto in Portugal, with offices in London and Santiago. The Studio’s small team works closely with clients to create objects that are unique and perfectly suited to their function in the areas of editorial, packaging and cultural.